Problem Wordpress need solution : Manual Migration

platform : Latest WP
case : migration from CWP ( to CyberPanel ( public html and sql)
File zip publichtml size : 14GB
File SQL manual export .sql : 32 MB

What i do
Extract to Cyberpanel new user/domain/website (
database manual create + username and password
SQL imported via cli because of size
edit wpconfig change database info etc etc , include define URL

test open site: success
test wp-admin and login: success
test change permalink: success
test all link+add new test post: success

litecache plugin for WP

i install it manual from Wordpress repo plugin–> add new

then… ?
what should i do for make it optimal ?


Whats is this ? should i update it ? if yes… i must do 1 by one or there is any bulk migrate ?


Convert MyISAM to InnoDB. There is no bulk convert option which is easier to do, hence do it one by one.

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better to convert it. roger that

and about the #1 ?

You can install Litespeed Cache plugin from add new plugin option inside wordpress. Any error you facing?

yes, i mean, how to set it up to make optimal ?
because i install this manual using extract public html, not from CyberPanel Wordpress installation

or no need make any setup ?

You can install it by any methods. Cyberpanel doesnt configure the plugin settings, you need to do that manually.

There is no optimal settings as each website structure is different (theme, plugin set, design, etc). What works for one website wont work for some different website.

Although you can try this LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin – UNOFFICIAL GUIDE

so the wordpress litespeed plugin is “default” lol
i though because i use litespeed or because i use wordpress manager from cyberpanel it will have preconfiguration lol

btw thx for the link

can u check : LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin – UNOFFICIAL GUIDE. ?

so OLS user will no need ? is not mandatory. But if used, its best. It has dynamic cache option which no other cdn provides.

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yeap… noted


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