Problem with SSL Certs for multiple alias domains

I set up
and 6 alias-domains below it


All domains pointing in DNS to my servers IP.

I start setting up first alias domain, issued SSL Cert. Works fine.

I set up second alias domain, issued SSL Cert. Still all fine.

I set up the next alias domain, issued SSL Cert. No error. works fine.

But: First Alias Domains SSL is gone. Or sometimes Domain isn´t recognized as alias domain anymore and leads to the litespeed base dir.

Seems after some Alias Domains the certs got missplace / overwritten/mixed up and alias list in conf becomes confusing.

In Web Gui all Alias Domains are still in place.

Can you help?

Best regards,

I jus go a bit deeper and had a look into litespeeds config.

On the listeners (80 and 443) are only some of my alias domains. I fixed it manual.

Now I can access my domain with all my alias domain on port 80 http://

But it seems there is only one SSL Cert possible for the complete website! Everytime I issue a cet for one of my alias domains it will overwrite the cert for the website!

It´s clear: Websites cert is stored under


Did not found any place for alias-Domains certs.

Is this a bug?

It makes absolute no sense if every alias doain I can enter has the button “ISSUE SSL” if this button overwrites the only cert for the whole Website.

Please help

Is DNS set for alias also?

Yes DNS is set for each domain to servers ip.

If I issue SSL for a domain it will be a Let´s encrypt cert. This works fine with the alias-domain I set it for, but it overwrites(?) all others alias-domains cert´s.

I start SSL for alias1. com → works
I issue SSL for → works, but SSL for is gone away and I get a cert warning

I have 6 alias-domains in sum. Just recognized it after I issued 6 SSL…

Can someone tell me if it´s a BUG or if I have a fault in my config?

only can be happen with non-free “multipledomain certificate” …
if you want use a free one…
try cloudflare
domain A.tld create at CF then set IN A etc
then create another add site called DomainB.tld
set under proxy
at cyberpanel u only need to give same path of public_html
or some modification for advance user
because add domain with same path is not alias actualy… only domain forwarder if you use wordpress or similar cms. the BASE_URL will be back to the default one
except you already find out how to do that

Thanks for the answer.

I have a main domain.tld and some alias1.tld domains.

I understand you, that only one cert is generated and should cover the domain.tld and the alias Doains as alias. Thats the way I expected.

I will try to analyse cert issued after adding alias2.tld. Seems there is a problem with the alias entry in SSL Cert.

I only use build in Let´s encrypt certs and this works (certs are issued)

Ok It´s definitfly a BUG!

I had a deeper look in issued cert:

Everytime I add a new alias Domain and issue a new Let´s encrypt cert, the cert cover the main Domain and the LAST Alias Domain. All other Alias Domains are deleted inside the Cert.

So by fact only ONE Alias Domain is currently possible to covered by build in let´s encrypt cert (as alias).

Is there are workaround? HHow can I issue a let´s encrypt cert for my maindomain coverng 5 alias domains?

Missing is a function / Button like “Issue SSL for ALL (selected) Alias Domains”

Can someone help me with a workaround?.

How to request Cert from let´s encrypt covering all alias domains?

we will if we understand your problem
and as far as i know. about multiple ssl . u can read Problem with SSL Certs for multiple alias domains - #7 by MyIDKaTePe

u cant with free…
(as far as i know)