Problem with port 443 only in few domains, other dont why ?

I upgraded to latest version, i have a problem with SSL , or 443 port ? i dont know where some domains does not work in ssl

the server has a few domains and works fine without ssl , but does not work with SSL on some domains

If i browse it works fine, but it does not work in https (the ssl with letsencript is perfectly generated) i have 10 domains with ssl generated, but only 5 the connection to ssl gives ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

ITs not a port or general server problem, because some domains in the same server works fine with ssl

i checked all .conf and logs files and i dont know where to fix it.

i repeat its not problem generating ssl, because i generated in cli and give no error.

What im missing ? Thanks for your help.

Try to go into incognito and enter the domain with https://. Also can you share one of the domains that don’t work with SSL.

If you still can not resolve please check → How To Get FREE SSL/HTTPS in 5 Minutes with Let's Encrypt using CyberPanel - YouTube

cyberpanel fixed it with a ticket, i dont know what they did. :expressionless:

i recommend to hire to cyberpanel !