Problem with free hdd space


  1. My server hdd is 160 gb. Web site take only 15 gb, but current disk usage 126 gb / 160.
    Where is my problem? I only have 1 map called backup 15 gb and there is a map called incbackup 46 gb. I don’t create this map. Can i delete it? How to check why i have shortage with space and where all my space gone? So anyway 160 gb - 15+15 = 130 gb. Where my 130 gb gone even if delete map incbackup 46 gb there will be lost 130-46=84 gb lost how?

  2. My cyberpanel version 2.1 build 2, but now new version is 2.3 build 2. Do i need update? If yes how i can do it?

you can check disk usage from du -hsx /* | sort -rh | head -10
yes you can upgrade

Just run du -s -h /* and show the results


Screenshot attached. In home there is map incbackup 46 gb. I believe this is some kind of old backup. So i can delete it?
Map var all system files?

how i can upgrade? can’t find this option in panel.

just add directory name after / on the command so you can find exact files