Problem with backups

my back up always shows 0MB i dont know why even it was created successfully ?
also i see 0MB in gDrive backups too

Which version of CyberPanel are you using and how did you install it ?

Can you share logs from CyberPanel main log file.

thank you for the kind reply
v 2.1 build 2
which log file you want me to provide you

look at the picture all scheduled backups are 0MB

im waiting for the help please

I will have a check in my test server and let you know if I could reproduce this same error. If not, will you be able to share your server login to check the issue?

i found the problem its only backup the public_html files but im using laravel which files needs to be on the root folder which is home/
any soulution to change backup destination ?

CyberPanel > Websites > List Websites > Your Site Manage > CONFIGURATIONS TAB in > vHost Conf open.

//First Line
docRoot                   $VH_ROOT/public_html


//First Line
docRoot                   $VH_ROOT/yourlaravelfolder/public

This is how you should create your folder structure. If you are using Cyberpanel with Openlitespeed after this process; You should try to take a backup by restarting the services.

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