Problem After installing Wordpress from Cyberpanel

i created a website with cyberpanel for wordpress, after installing it on the SITE HEALTH i get a 403 code can some one tell me how to solve this issue, this website does not have a domain name pointing to it because is in development, but is already hosted on my server with cyber panel, i done the exact same steps on the other websites and when i do this wordpress installation it always gives me this error i have attached a screen shot for you to see and if someone had this problem before please let me know thanks
is the one in red
the one with https is because i have not assigned a ssl, becuase is not a live site yet.

check your other plugin…

already did disable the plugins, i check file permissions, and htaccess file too and i can get it to go away no idea what can be

You run it server IP? Can it be issue that cookie stuff need domain? Never run site with out domain myself but trying to guess…

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yes, i was thinking that will find out when it goes live, right now i have it like this because is in development and i dont want it to show, but thank you for it will see im very close to get it done i will find out, and i will post if that fixes the problem

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Yes, it works ones the website goes live, the errors despear, i was getting does errors because the domain was not pointing at it, ones i made the change everything is good and super fast with cyberpanel

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