Preparing to Release v2.1.3 Soon [ rev. 2.3.1 ]

Hi, everyone

Its been long since our last update, we are preparing to release v2.1.3 soon.

  1. This update brings lots of security updates (details to follow later)
  2. Backup retention option for Google Drive backups right into CyberPanel
  3. Show weather you are on latest commit in the current stable branch in Version Management
  4. Root level file manager on CyberPanel

More details to follow.



Exciting news! Keep up the great work.

is that mean use FM inside cyberpanel is enough than i need open cli and use MC
omg… if that so…
thank you verymuch
i really need that fm

I am installing and using the cyberpanel for the first time and I am faced with google authenticator field. This was not part of the installation instruction. so I cannot login