PowerDNS Cluster - Hidden Slave


We currently use CyberPanel as part of our shared hosting infrastructure.

Being only marginally familiar with the concept of DNS clusters, I pray that some of y’all have some insight in the matter.

We currently have a standalone DNS cluster running on PowerDNS, like so:

Masters (Hidden, authoritative):

Superslaves (Recursive and public-facing, for resolving):

There lies my confusion, where does the CyberPanel nodes, hosting our clients websites, fall in this cluster?

Our CyberPanel shared nodes are, evidently, responsible for creating, modifying and deleting zones of domains hosting on them and notifying its master server, which will in turn notify the public-facing slaves (node1 ==> master1 ==> slave1 ==> replicated through slaves 2 and 3).

Assuming the DNS cluster is already configured and in production, what settings should be input in CyberPanel’s PowerDNS settings? Node1 isn’t a slave, but isn’t a master either, unless Node1 can be the hidden master’s master? If so, what would be the settings to use in CyberPanel’s PowerDNS settings?

I apologize for my lack of understanding in this matter.

Welcoming any insights.

Welcome @JasonTK Happy you are here

This would be a CyberPanel master where you can configure upto 3 slave servers.

This would be another CyberPanel instance where you configure the slave using master server ip address.