postfix and Dkim bug on new installs

I’ve managed to get 2 of my precious IP’s blacklisted in spamhouse during email testing… All because postfix was sending HELO “” … Well done !

Platform: VPS, CentOS 7.6 (4GB RAM 4x86x) CyberPanel 2.0
Fresh install (selinux=disabled)

  • Postfix bug:
    config not configured properly on install. (myhostname not set, maybe something else too?, but servers FQDN was set from the start), outcome: sent emails rejected and IP blacklisted.
    -hotfix: setup postfix config manually

  • Dkim bug:
    log error: “opendkim is in group ** which has multiple users…”. outcome: server can’t send emails.
    -hotfix: append RequireSafeKeys false to /etc/opendkim.conf

Im really happy for you. But Im using my time to report CP’s bugs here. As a VPS hosting expert you shouldn’t present your single example as a result for CP’s reliability.

I have a fresh install, I followed Cyberpanel guide, no selinux, no firewall was present during the install. I still have 2 different VPS’s With CentOS 7.4 and 7.6 that have the same issues. I didnt test them at the very beginning after install, so maybe it is a configuration conflict of firewall etc, but anyway all setup was done within CyberPanel.

atm I have a few issues with mail like unable to login to inbox from external apps like Outlook, etc…

I use Scaleway - DEV VPS, CentOS 7.6.

What logs / configs should I list here?