Possible to use PowerDNS Master/Slave replication when using Cloudflare?

I have two Cyberpanel servers with PowerDNS, one set as Master and the other set as Slave, and I’m also using Cloudflare. The Slave server is not working. In its log I see (I anonymized the domain and IP):

Received NOTIFY for mydomain.com from for which we are not authoritative, trying supermaster
While checking for supermaster, did not find NS for mydomain.com at:

Could this be because Master/Slave DNS replication is not supported when using Cloudflare?

Yes it is posible even cyberpanel cloud have clustering and it use this. but that feature is in beta

Thanks. Can you shed any light on the error message, then? I assumed that “did not find NS for mydomain.com” is shown because the Cloudflare DNS servers are set as primary and secondary, and this doesn’t comport with Cyberpanel being set as primary and secondary for PowerDNS.

Note that I have gotten master/slave replication to work for domains that don’t use Cloudflare, with no “did not find NS” error message.