Port 8090 not working after installation

After installing CyberPanel, port 8090 is not working. I know that the port is open. Also, if I go to the IP address URL, it shows a 404 error (CyberPanel is running). During the panel installation, an error occurred and it was interrupted. I fixed the error manually, but I couldn’t proceed with the installation (it indicates that the panel is already installed). When I enter the command “systemctl status lscpd”, it returns “Unit lscpd.service could not be found.” I tried to install it manually, but still couldn’t succeed.

Try checking if your Port has changed from 8090
If it has, change it back to 8090

Then do systemctl restart lscpd

To file:
and in any file in
change hard-coded port 8090 to YOUR_PORT:
grep 8090 /usr/local/CyberCP -rl |grep -v “.php\|.css\|.js\|.pem\|.html\|.png\|site-packages”|xargs -i sed -i ‘s/8090/YOUR_PORT/’
systemctl restart lscpd

root@tokishu:/# systemctl restart lscpd
Failed to restart lscpd.service: Unit lscpd.service not found.

How to install lscpd?