point domain to a different port of IP address

We have a nodejs app running in custom port 88 (ip-address:88) and we want to access the app from root domain. we have pointed our domain to the IP address but it shows nothing. but when accessing domain.com:88 we can see the website. how can we access the website from root domain without custom port?

Now website can view from domain.com:88
We want to access it from domain.com


There is a guide here for setting up a second IP. You will need to tell it to listen on port 88 instead of 80 and make sure port 88 is open in your firewall.

If your using the same IP just set up and additional listener on port 88

try this

Setup CyberPanel without port 8090 (OpenLiteSpeed)
Steps above are common whether you run OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server. But now you need to do thing differently. We will discuss OpenLiteSpeed first.

Open command line and edit: /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf

Paste following content:

extprocessor cyberpanel {
type proxy
address https://switch.cyberpanel.net:8090
maxConns 100
pcKeepAliveTimeout 60
initTimeout 60
retryTimeout 0
respBuffer 0

Please replace https://switch.cyberpanel.net:8090 with the domain you choose in Step 1.

Use Rewrite Rules to Proxy to port 8090

You can now use rewrite rules to proxy traffic to port 8090, now edit rewrite rules for the domain you choose in Step 1 using the rewrite rule guide. You can use these rules:

REWRITERULE ^(.*)$ HTTP://cyberpanel/$1 [P]

Once done, you can now visit CyberPanel on your domain without port 8090. You can also visit PHPMyAdmin and Rainloop.

I wanted something similar… I wanted a subdomain to point to another Zimbra mail server, because it’s working and I don’t want to use Rainloop…