Please explain to me how to update cyberpanel 2.3 version with SSH Step by step

H, Friends

I had some problems with my site health, but I couldn’t identify them. What was the reason behind. What I did was take a new server, install a new cyberpanel and transfer my site to the new cyberpanel. Then I noticed that My Site’s health issues had been resolved. I realize all the problems I faced because of the cyberpanel update. But I don’t know how to update the cyberpanel with SSH (potty)… Can you please guide me with commands step by step to upgrade my cyberpanel to the new 2.3 version?


Once you log into your ssh client you just have to run the following command:

As root user: sh <(curl || wget -O -


As sudo user: sudo su - -c “sh <(curl || wget -O -”

Once you run the command, the update will run and upgrade all that’s necessary, you can then check to see if you have been updated successfully.