Please Domain

When I go to the cyber panel
I do website
Missing and blocklisted domains
Please unlock my domain

I don’t fully understand your question, but I am guessing you are trying to create a new website, giving you the following message:

if this is the case, open a terminal and temporally change your hostname, then change it back.

  1. sudo hostname
    – This outputs your current hostname, this is probably similar to the (sub-)domain you are creating.
  2. sudo hostname tempname
    – This changes your hostname
  3. Create the website again
    – Now the message of blacklisted domain should not appear.
  4. Change your hostname back to the output of step 1

Hi. you have to change the name of your VPS server

I already answered this in your other thread asking the same question.

The solution is here: Error message: Blacklisted domain - Docs / 14 - Logging & Troubleshooting - CyberPanel Community

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rhis is backup promble
please grade me

ls (small letter L S)

you need learn basic CLI command before do anything inside it

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where to learn

idk… you can search your local course or online course or maybe just search on google…

sample: how to see folder file list in linux

btw that oot


The Linux Command Handbook (

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