PHPMyAdmin is down: 503 Service Unavailable

While trying to access the PHPMyAdmin from inside of the panel it drops into 503

After the server reboot, it shows the default login page.

If I try to log in as root it still stucks and drops 503 after a minute or two.

Roots creds found at:

CyberPanel is moved away from the 8090 port.

MariaDB is fully accessible thru the shell and seems to be working. If I am adding or removing the databases thru the CyberPanel UI - it works. When I try to access PHPMyAdmin as a regular user with the specific password - nothing changes.

Tried this guide:
Nothing changed :frowning:

Rolled back to 8090 with this guide:

Nothing changed :frowning:

pause docker if you have it installed. ive had to pause and un pause when i need rainloop or phpmyadmin

You are a savior. Thanks a lot!