Phpmyadmin export database for 30 MB only

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We are trying to export our database from phpmyadmin but it only we export 30 MB database and exclude others can you provide a solution fo this.

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Check this out 4 - Change Upload Limit for phpMyAdmin - 08 - Server - CyberPanel Community

Dont forget to run the command systemctl restart lscpd after following said tutorial

The problem he specified was exporting from phpmyadmin and not importing… The solution you showed works for importing but the issue he is referring to is an ongoing issue that was never resolved or properly addressed. phpmyadmin backup problem

A workaround is to use mysqldump but that is only a workaround and not a solution to a main feature. If anyone does not know about this issue, their backups would be in a mess as I would have learnt the hard way. There should be a solution and this issue should be address by the devs. I am yet to find a proper working “solution” and not a workaround.

Another workaround (Without the need for constantly using SSH to mysqldump) is to set the save path in your phpmyadmin config file /usr/local/CyberCP/public/phpmyadmin/

$cfg[‘UploadDir’] = ‘/home/sql’;

You can then create a directory to store your backups (User must be set in order for phpmyadmin to be able to save to the directory or set to permission 777)

mkdir /home/sql
chown -R lscpd:lscpd /home/sql

From there you can access FTP to download.

If its just an export then see this Steps to change PHP version in right way - #11 by josephgodwinke this the quickest way for you users to get their dumps. Ideally your customer should be given favorable ways to get their data and the best way is to make backups mandatory so that the dumps go to their backup directories and get synced to their cloud. You cannot compare the download speed of an s3 compliant backup/gdrive/mega etc and your server downloads

You are not taking into consideration that the question was based on phpmyadmin which is a graphical interface where some users would rather click a button to download or export their database. There is also no comment concerning speed nor Disaster Recovery backups to cloud.

The method I proposed was geared towards a person who would rather just go to phpmyadmin, select their appropriate database and export.

The mysqldump method, a user still has to open a terminal, log in, have the names of the database(s) as well as the database credentials in order to dump, all of which must be typed every single time.

Sometimes it’s quicker to do a simple export via phpmyadmin for a quick backup before making changes to a database which is not geared towards a DR cloud backup.

I reopened a github issue which is now being addressed.
The original Issue was closed due to a misunderstanding by the dev.

phpMyAdmin fails to export over 32MB · Issue #1237 · usmannasir/cyberpanel (

Solved in CyberPanel v3.0.0
lscpd v4.0.1