Php file not opening in browser

so I bought a free domain from freenom and I use Cloudflare to do some necessary stuff, when I go navigate to my website hosted on CyberPanel it will open as usual, but when I try opening a PHP file hosted on CyberPanel in the browser, the browser keeps saying error 500 payify can’t handle such request. pls, why is this happening?

Share permissions and user details please

where can i see the permission and user details ?

Is it error screen from server or cloudflare? Because lately cloudflare added a lot firewalls by default which blocks many actions.

it is an error screen from cyber panel, for example, I decided to host the same PHP file on 000webhost and I was able to view/run my PHP file from the browser, but cyber panel does not allow that, instead, the browser brought up an error screen saying can not handle this request.

I am trying to connect my flutter project to my PHP file connected on cyber panel, but it is not going so i decided to load the link on a browser and it didn’t open, but when I did so on 000webhost it works very fine.

the php project folder root/path is like this
payify-php → registration.php,index.html, sql → sql file, db_conn → db_conn.php

please what can be the problem.

cyberpanel links “” gave me the browser error

while 000webhost link “” gave me what I wanted

please i need help on this, Thanks.

pls check out my new response and help me with a solution.

I have replied ur msg, pls check it out.


Have you installed modsecurity?
Have you tried changing the folder path of the domain? usually its /home/domain-name/public_html

If modsecurity is activated, then deactivate it.

If tried changing the folder paths, do specify it properly in the vhost configuration and then restart openlitespeed by going to Manage Services > Service Status.
OR simply restart the whole server.