Php 8.3

Hi i’m trying to install php 8.3 latest version from root, after installation but in cyberpanel doesn’t showing at all like nothing changes, I’m using alama linux 8.10, cyberpanel 2.3 stable version, guide plz. Thank You

can you please share command uisng which you are installing PHP 8.3?
yum install lsphp83*

Hi, thank you for your reply,

1- dnf -y install
2- dnf -y install
3- dnf module install php:remi-8.3

I was following this link and at first, I managed to install it, once I checked with PHP -v was showing 8.3 in root but cyberpanel not even reflect anything.

but just now I install I using the cmd that you give here, yum install lsphp83*

It works…

Thanks a lot

most welcome acutely cyberpanel mainly use lsphp the LiteSpeed PHP.