Permission denied

one of my accounts on the server won’t let me write files and folders

Error writing Operation not permitted

I used fix permission command on filemaneger with no results

The site have any custom package?

yes it has custom package, Disk Usage was at the limit, I changed it but only recognized the next day.

Is there any way to force change of Disk Usage

I’m having a similar issue, but it doesn’t seem to be related to Disk Usage or packages. But a number of my WordPress sites suddenly won’t allow any write or delete commands within the entire public_html folder. I’ve used the fixed permissions in File Manager, everything looks fine but even as root I can’t make any changes within the directory. If I delete the website from Cyber Panel, the file structure remains and then it won’t let me add the site back in as the files are all locked up. Here is the errors I get:

root@domino:/home/ >test.txt
-bash: test.txt: Operation not permitted

root@domino:/home/ rm error_log
rm: cannot remove 'error_log': Operation not permitted

root@domino:/home/ chown root:root error_log
chown: changing ownership of 'error_log': Operation not permitted

What can I do to fix this? I’ve ensured Disk Usage is set to 0 for unlimited, so not sure what else could cause this. Help please!

make a package bigger than the space used and wait until the next day

he will run the routine and solve the problem this happened to me

It’s been about 3 days since I made the package unlimited and the problem persists