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Hi everybody.

I wanted to ask if there are some existing references about how many basic WordPress websites approx. can 1 Vultr HF (of course depending on the HW setup) run? I am speaking about low-traffic websites, a maximum of 50-100 visits per site per day, of course with enabled Litespeed caching. I do understand, that this question can have a wide spread of answers…

In our company, we are running around 530 websites on 2 different solutions and I would like to move with the whole setup to Vultr HF + Litespeed + Cyberpanel solution, but have no idea how many approx websites can 1 server handle.

Are there some references/experiences of you guys running a lot of websites on 1 server?
Thanks a lot for your info!

Welcome @pyel Happy New Year

This depends with size of website files. WordPress websites with alot of imagery and downloads ought to be bigger in size. The minimu system requirements to run CyberPanel are 10GB disk space.

500 Websites you will need the following:

  1. Minimum 16GB of RAM
  2. Minimum 8 core CPU
  3. Minimum 5-10GB Bandwidth

This already narrows the product line to +$255/month HF offerings

Check how much data storage is consumed on both servers by all website files and add something like 100GB ontop of that figure e.g.

2 servers have total of 600GB of data
New server will need to have >700GB of space
This space will be used for incremental backups etc
If you using litespeed with alot of wordpress sites consider proxy content delivery network such as bandwidth costs $8 per gb

Year ago I was administering a HF with over 20 websites on 4gb, 2 core, 128gb space. Everything ran as expected.

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Hi, thanks for info ! Just wondering, if you are sure about the HW requirements. Litespeed caching is anyway making (especially with Guest Mode ON) the site almost static (of course its not so easy as only HTML site), right ? So the processing power is mainly used for building the caches, the rest should be super easy to serve, dont you think ?

Yea. Caching should not be an issue if you already enjoying the advantgaes of lscache compatible cdn. You should look out for mysql optimization and optimizing php like makesure a cleanup job for php sessions runs as often as needed not to hog cpu

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