Password Protect Directories

I believe that CyberPanel should allow users to protect directories from the panel, instead of having to create their own protection on folders.

yeah if they switched to native litespeed or openlitespeed it would be pretty trivial do do done it for a client who wanted the cyberpanel like best of stuff but without the overhead

it just requires using realms and contexts






If we can ever get some movement on using fully native Litespeed confs vs the apache like files with includes which limits this kind of stuff theres much more awesome things CyberPanel could be doing programmatically

I did this for showing how we could programmatically add remove vhosts passwd protection for OLS but it would work pretty much the same way in litespeed webadmin with some minor mods meaning that if you go to edit a vhost in admin section every domain would have its own unique config and be editable without losing mods or ever getting borked from low level stuff.

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