Outlook/MS365 Autodiscover for mail domain. How to add Chiper suite to domain config


I try to setup the autodiscover function for outtlok and Thunderbird on cyberpanel mail domain.
Seting up some SVR to the domain works fine for Thunderbird.

After long testing and seaching I find out the the problem with outlook is the supported Cipher suite of the server is not compatible with outlook request. The returned error is: “Your server doesn’t support any cipher suites compatible with Microsoft 365 services.”

Microsoft request that a leasdt one of this cipher is allowed:


How can I add one of these in the Cyberpanel config of my host ?

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This simply means the mailserver needs SSL to leverage MS 365 services. Go to https://SERVER_URL:8090/email/listEmails if you see an error that

SSL for email is not configured properly, you may get Self-Signed error on mail clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird. More details here

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If you get any problems issuing SSL follow the instructions here

Hello, thanks for your Answer @josephgodwinke

The SSL certificate is right, I already checked it and it is valid. Connect with different email applications works fine also with Outlook there is no problem with invalid cert.

ssllabs check also give a A Grade for the server

The only thing that is give problem is the autodisvover function. The error message is show from the Microsoft Mail checker tool from here Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer (Outlook Connectivity). Wihich goes though the autodiscover function as outlook will do. I my case I use the SVR way to link outlook to the connection XML file (Autodiscover.xml)

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