Outlook does not sync sent items

Outlook does not sync sent items.

The dns are perfectly configured and everything is working, but the items sent do not sync with the server.

This error did not happen until the last CyberPanel update

Hello @fsi

Have you tried to rerun the upgrade script again?

yum update

yum upgrade

I followed this document to update the cyberpanel, everything is working except the folder synchronization

Sent emails

Probably some dovecot library is missing or is not setup correctly run systemctl status dovecot and psot contents here

Also run apt list --installed | grep dovecot and post result here

Hello friend, here is the result of the first command, the second one cannot be used because I have cyberpanel installed on a CENTOS7 server

Do you have any idea if we already have a solution for this?


systemctl restart postfix dovecot
ss -lnpt | grep dovecot