Outgoing port 25 blocked? Port forwarding to 587 possible?

AWS and normally cloud provider block 25 port so mails not going from the server.

How to change port 25 to 587 to fix this ?? I searched many blogs and articles to fix this but none of solution working.

Anyone can share solution and steps to fix this ??

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Have you tried requesting that the throttle be removed?

Yes. I already in progress. It will take up to 5 days.

I am looking if to stop spamming and use 587 as a new standard for sending emails as normally ISP block 25 on cloud instances.

Did you achieve that change?

I have forwarding rules and the emails has been sent but they are marked as spam.

I think it is the standard 25 port.

So, how can I set up 587 as the server default port for emails

It is not about the Port 25 itself but AWS or any similar big players in market block the SMTP relay access technically. That means, no matter whichever port you use for mail, it wont work for outgoing mails. This they do is to prevent their IP address getting blocked for SPAM and also for security purposes. They dont want their resources to be misused for any reasons.

To get it unblocked, you need to send request to them declaring that you will be using their Server for outgoing mails only for transactional mails and will not use it for marketing and other purposes. Only then, they consider to unblock it.

Otherwise you have option to use Amazon SES or other third party SMTP providers to configure your mails.

My bad. I am not on AWS I’m on Contabo. But I am getting into spam when the server is forwarding the emails.

I configured a domain which all it’s emails needs to be forwarded to a Gmail account.

The email is received at Gmail’s account but in the spam folder.

Same domain sends email from rainloop or any third party app (port 587) and reach the inbox.

If using port 25 for default server SMTP is not the issue?

How can I get the forwarded emails out of spam?

Also is there an option to forward *@domain.com to same email or to *@newdomain.com?

Thank you.

Getting into spam happens when you have not configured the DNS txt records for mails which includes spf entry, dmarc policy, dkim entry.
confirm if your mail settings are correct using sites like mxtoolbox

Log into rainloop admin panel and change the port settings for smtp if you wish and click on test button to check whether its working fine.

Yes, forwarding to new domains work and you can read about it here: RainLoop - Cloudron Docs