Outdated SQL Server - Any Update?

I run two servers, one on the AWS and one on the DO both with the latest version of CyberPanel, but the websites that run on the older AWS server complaints that the SQL is outdated (WordPress), and I noticed that MariaDB on AWS runs on version 10.3., while the DO server runs on the version 10.11.

Is there any plan that CyberPanel update would also upgrade the MariaDB version or …? I mean I checked the documentation how to upgrade it manually and it requires way to much time with way too many things that could go wrong, which is making it totally not worth it, so if there is no plan I would rather destroy the old server moved the websites to a new one.

Thanks for letting me know.

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try install new db version manually (backup databases first)
i’m using mariadb 11.3

Here is an official version of how you can do it: bug fix: update prestashop version and fix with prestashop installati… · usmannasir/cyberpanel@17a9f81 · GitHub