Option to clone web application to other domain or subdomain

Hi Support,

I would like to know if their is an option to clone a website to another website domain / sub-domain hosted on same cyberpanel vps.

I am asking this as currently their is not staging environment to live production sync option available in cyberpanel so is it possible to clone a website to other domain or sub-domain .

I use this approach with other server panel provider Runcloud as to test new updates on my WordPress installations & then move them from one vps to other.

Thanks for the service.

Noted as feature request.


Noted as feature request.

Thanks for taking it as feature request, if their can be staging environment to live production push/sync functionality it will be icing on the cake.

Noted as feature request.

Thanks for implementing the feature in the latest update 1.8.8, I tried it & found some issues listed below:

  1. After setting up the staging site the backend was functioning well but frontend was not opening correctly until I disabled LScache plugin, I tried purging cache before disabling the plugin but it didn’t worked so after disabling the staging site was opening correctly on frontend.

  2. To update plugins & theme I had to access it via FTP using filezilla but the issue here was my “domain.com” was using cloudflare dns & for staging site I used “test.domain.com” without using cloudlfare DNS IP but as the ftp account was for the main site it constantly tried to connect to cloudflare ip through FTP at port 21.

So I had to disable cloudflare dns ip for main site as well, if I can create a separate FTP account for staging site like “test.domain.com” it will be great.

  1. When I visit a page or create a new page in staging site & view the page it shows "404
    Not Found " error I tried to update permalink several time but it only works when I enable the plain permalinks setting, when I use " /%postname%/ " it starts to show 404 error.

I don’t know why it’s happening but noticed this issue on fresh WordPress installation using cyberpanel as well. Might be some settings for LScache plugin causing it I tried to purge cache but it didn’t solve the issue.

Clone/Sync function it working great, hope these are some minor issue which your team can help us resolve.

Once again thanks for the update.

  1. So cache purge fixed it, may need to purge cache or remove cache folder for the site.

  2. On my end I did not need to do this, I was able to update plugins, install themes. I tested with astra theme and then synced site to master. May require more details regarding this.

  3. You was using OLS or LSWS Ent?


  1. I will check to remove cache folder.

  2. I was using cloudflare dns ip that masks the real ip of my server, I guess when we launch the staging site from list of domains at their we can create a FTP account for staging site.

  3. I am using OLS.

  1. I think I can remove cache plugin from the staging site?

  2. I think not related, you can even use the FTP of master site, because the folder of child-domain is created inside master document root, you can even manage the staging site like any other child-domain.

  3. 404 could be due to rewrite rules not being copied?

  1. Yes we can remove the plugin but I disabled it so can check the updates with caching before pushing to production.

  2. I saw that also, I guess it will work similar to wp-multisite but with a separate sub-domain & database.

  3. I also believe it is something to do with rewrite rules or .htacess file.

I will test again with fresh server & clean install of CyberPanel.


There are still few gimmicks with WP Staging, thanks for finding them out, will further check and see if I can fix something,

Thanks for the efforts, it’s great to see such quick response from the team.

The WP staging site function is a great addition, but it does feel a bit buggy at this stage.

I have tried it with a couple of sites and it seems that not plugin and theme data are copied across, for example forms made in Happy Forms or Caldera are not in the copied staging sites.

The WP staging site function is a great addition, but it does feel a bit buggy at this stage.

I have tried it with a couple of sites and it seems that not plugin and theme data are copied across, for example forms made in Happy Forms or Caldera are not in the copied staging sites.

Yes but it will improve with new updates, as for the first time it’s a great start.


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I’ve made some changes, cache plugin will not be copied to staging site now. For production site cache plugin will still be there and need to purge cache manually, these changes will come in v1.8.9.

@CyberPanel can I also join the slack channel, please?

I’ve just created a clone and I can’t seem to access it.

I do have an alias also set for example.co.ukexample.com don’t know if this would have any bearing?

All seems fine, however, when I attempt to go to staging.example.com it redirects the browser to example.com. I can’t see anything in the rewrite rules that would cause this. Also, I don’t see anything in the OLS conf file that would reference the staging site.

When I look at the access logs under the website management page I get:

“Could not fetch logs, see the logs file through command line. Error message: Not able to fetch logs, see CyberPanel main log file!fetch logs, see CyberPanel main log file!”

When I attempt to access the error logs from the same management page, it refreshes the page and doesn’t even show an error message.

The access logs from main page sidebar don’t show anything for that site.

Just to follow up I’ve found the button that opens the separate management panel for the staging site. Clicking preview still performs the redirect from staging.example.comexample.com.

@Richard Do you see staging.example.com created as child-domain to your master site?


I believe this is where child-domains are shown? So yes.

So the preview button uses the following styled link:


This also just redirects to https://example.com