OpenLiteSpeed v LiteSpeed Enterprise

Hi everyone

We have recently been experimenting with CyberPanel and openlitespeed/litespeed enterprise. We setup a new server with openlitespeed first, installed a large WordPress system onto it and then setup external monitoring every minute of the page load times for the WordPress login page with WordPress caching plugins disabled.

Over the course of a few days the results were very consistent and the page load time was always around 1.7 seconds. So far so good, lets see what the Enterprise edition can do.

We then used the CyberPanel system to install a trial of litespeed enterprise making sure we didn’t change anything else.

What we saw after the upgrade was that the page load times more than doubled to around 4 seconds which really surprised us.

We have had a look into it and we have noticed that if you poll the same page that the test is setup for (the login page) then the page load time is around 450ms which is excellent for an uncached page.

There appears to be a process or deamon that I guess is shutting down between the 1 minute tests that gets fired up again when the test runs but we didn’t see this problem with openlitespeed.

I tried to take a look in the WebAdmin console under Configuration > Virtual Hosts but the Enterprise version doesn’t have any virtual hosts defined there, where as openlitespeed did.

I tried changing the “Run On Startup” setting to “Yes - Deamon Mode” under Configuration > Server > External App and the PHP version we are running and I also tried changing “Max Idle Time” to 120 but it didn’t make any difference.

Does anyone have any ideas on what setting can be tweaked to make the Enterprise edition as quick as the openlitespeed edition!

Mark Donne

You will need to ask at the litespeed enterprise forum. here is the URL

I did wonder where to post the question, I guess the reason I asked in here first was that the virtual hosts section didn’t look right after the upgrade as the Configuration > Virtual Hosts was empty.

Is that normal for CyberPanel Ent?

I have now posted this question on the LiteSpeed forum as well OpenLiteSpeed v LiteSpeed Enterprise | LiteSpeed Support Forums