OpenLiteSpeed Performance and Woocommerce

Hello Everyone,

I have read recently alot that OpenLiteSpeed is not recommended for WooCommerce and you are encouraged to move to LiteSpeed Enterprise. I have been running for a couple of month a website with 1700+ products on a 2CPU + 8GB RAM VPS with 15+ plugins and it was installed on top of CyberPanel with 20 others sites on same server which impacts load times compared to OpenLiteSpeed only. And to my surprise I never, never had a single problem. And guess what? CP+OLS absolutely crushed the load times of the same server with Nginx+Redis+Fastcgi, no control panel, only 2 sites.

I am stunned and still ask why people are being pushed to LiteSpeed? Why it is being said that OSL should used only for static simple sites and not Dynamic sites? Besides WooCommerce I added another highly dynamic blog sites with 35k posts on it, and still not a step back in performance from OLS. What are your experiencies with OLS? What known issues may arise from running a heavily dynamic WooCommerce site ose blog?

I am using hell lot of heavy sites under Openlitespeed and it all works perfectly fine without even minor issues. The only major drawback of openlitespeed is that it doesnt support all apache htaccess rules and also the rewrite condition rules needs few modifications. And openlitespeed requires restart when you change htaccess or vhost file.

Comparatively Litespeed is obviously a better product but its not like OLS is not recommended for dynamic sites, woocommerce or high load sites. OLS performs almost same as Litespeed Enterprise with few restrictions.

Litespeed Ent has ESI feature too which OLS doesnt.