Openlitespeed invalid tabs error

Cyberpanel Current Version: 2.3.3
When I try to enter OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.16 server or virtual hosts settings, it gives an error as “Invalid tabs 59b9:true” and does not show anything else.
When I check with #/usr/local/lsws/bin/openlitespeed -t it just shows warnings. Have you encountered such a situation?

Interestingly, it got better after adding a new website.


yum --showduplicates list openlitespeed
yum downgrade openlitespeed-1.7.15

(Clear Cache from OLS page)

yum update openlitespeed

(Log in to OLS)
Then it should work.

It might come back later since I do not know why it happens in the first place.
It happens to me from time to time.
No matter what version of OLS I have.