Openlite sites loading issue

Hello Everyone,
the server is not loading sites and Openlitespeed is showing running. tried to restart the webservice(lsws) but same issue after that.
So finally i had restart the server and its working fine

While checking the server log I found the below error both times when the site was not accessible.
2022-11-07 18:35:15.961 [STDERR] double free or corruption (!prev)

Here is the server detail:
OS: ubuntu 18.04
CP Version: 2.1.2
Openlitespeed: 1.7.15

Any suggestion Please.

Hello @luckyrajpurohit

OLS or LSCPD is corrupted.

Upgrade your copy now by running this command on SSH terminal

sh <(curl || wget -O -

Hi @josephgodwinke,
Thank you for replying and I appreciate your efforts in helping the community.

The shared solution is not a correct solution since Openlitespeed installed on the server is one version old from the latest version. Also, there is no role of LSCPD in this issue.

I want to know the setting or parameters leading to this issue.
I found some posts related to this and also created a new post on the Litespeed forum.

Its an indication of an issue around C++ or Python and OLS is built with C++ that is why I advised as so. Did you update anything manually

No, i didn’t update manually.