OpenLightSpeed Password


I installed CyberPanel from the AWS Marketplace, and it’s all running fine now.

Just wanted to know how do I view / generate the details of the login credentials for the OLS panel ?that is accessed obver port 7080?

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Did you copy “Step 6: Finalize Installation” in the installation guide?

Assuming you have command line access, you can set a new password with…


Sure. I installed through the AWS Marketplace, but am retty sure I did not receive any such prompt to set an admin password.

I’ve tried this command, but it keeps saying “59: cannot create /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/…/conf/htpasswd: Permission denied”.

please share screenshot

Are you logged in to the command line as root or a user with root privileges?

Thanks, I switched to root (sudo su -) and it worked. Thank you once again.

It has been resolved once I switched to root. Thank you.

Great, glad it worked.