Open base dir allow specific folders

Hi There,
is there any way how to allow path to specific folder even is the restriction open_base_dir activated?

I need to use tesseract which is in path /usr/local/bin/tesseract

Thank you for suggestions

use ssh
midnight commander
if that is your server/vps

if you only a client . i think… u cant/…

Thank you. Yes I am a server admin and I am connected to SSH. Sorry for misunderstanding, I need to access from web app for example on path home/ - there is a PHP script which have to use tesseract on this path /usr/local/bin/tesseract. I can go anywhere like admin, but I need to allow this path for specific script on specific host.

try use mc / midnight commander under CLI

This is not solution of my problem. I use all of these for acces to server, but the question is different. I know how to enable/disable open base dir protection websites. But I would like to have open_base_dir activated except one folder. Where should I put some exceptions and how? Vhost file / OLS

sry i can help
btw how to pen base dir prot ?
i dont know about that