OOT: My OWN thoughts about Cyberpanel vs other panel

CyberPanel (CP)

What CPanel/CWP/Plesk have that CP not have

  1. Direct Email Forwarder
  2. AWStats
  3. Easy PHPOveride Section

What CP have that Cpanel Not Have

  1. Speed
  2. Lightweight Resources

CPanel was build under dark age of Hardware with $5 you only get 1Gig space shared resources, where is the hardware is expensive. Nowaday, everything is cheap. u can have vps with $5.

If you have big Client and un-managed account. for me,… cp is not ready yet.
but for personal use or managed client. CP is ready.

If i am a CP Developer, I Will give one Section to add phpoveride, then at vhost will auto call the string and some optional add-on to CP User to have (because this is will make CP need more resources)

  1. awstat
  2. Email Forwarder ( i think this is will not need much resources,)
    Some scripting trick for "easy add email forwarder
  3. Easy userfriendly phpoverride

CP already give some optional addon too, right ?
spamassasin, imunify etc. why not 1 more… ?

i know build web panel is not easy, and CP must always “connected” to Litespeed track and concept.

well this is just my …

Basically, CyberPanel is for someone how to has some technical knowledge (a little bit).
In the last few release, CyberPanel provided many features. Maybe in the future that will be also available as right now the main focus is on security hardening that is already done and resolving all bugs anyone report.

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yes i understand that

thats why i stay with cyberpanel
even not user friendly -yet-

thats why i said

i hope in the future, cyberpanel will ready :slight_smile:

especially about doc section, some of them already outofdate and in-relevant with current version