Only one site on my Cyberpanel opens, the rest stopped working

All the sites I add to my CyberPanel server stopped working, the only one that accesses is the domain I put as nameserver.

These sites were working normally and out of nowhere I just can’t access them anymore!

If I ping to the main domain those of the nameserver it returns me just fine, now, for the others I get the following message:

Temporary failure in name resolution

and you use cloudflare… correct ?

Share the exact error you are getting while accessing the site possible share screen shot

I am getting 404 message and unable to access my website also I am unable to access cyberpanel when i put the ditital ocean droplet address followed by :8090 . pls help me resolving this issue . i am also attatching the screen shot

can you create new thread… i guess there is not good to post problem on other thread

Is this with OLS or LSWS?

Open htaccess file from the cyberpanel file manager and remove all content from that. if not there create like .htaccess
after then run
systemctl restart lsws