Once Again.... Same question Alma or Ubuntu

The most stable for cyberpanel are ? (ofcource with the lastest release)

A. Ubuntu 20.04
B. Alma 8.5
C … other …

with hardware (VPS) …|… Answer

  1. single core + 2 GB Ram + Swap 2GB swapines 60 … (A/B/C)
  2. single core + 2 GB Ram + Swap 2GB swapines 20 … (A/B/C)
  3. dual core + 2 GB Ram + Swap 2GB swapines 60 … (A/B/C)
  4. dual core + 2 GB Ram + Swap 2GB swapines 20 … (A/B/C)

Please share your experince and knowledge

If it is the same question again, then probably you will end up with the same answers.

The simple fact is that both AlmaLinux and Ubuntu are very good, secure, and stable Linux distributions.

One is RHEL based and the other is Debian based, one may be marginally faster at some things, the other may have more tutorials that are easily available, the biggest difference that most people will notice between them is the package manager.

Both will work perfectly well for any web application including CyberPanel. It really comes down to personal preference as much as anything else. Personally I prefer AlmaLinux of the two options, mostly because I like the way that the project is governed.

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as i can see (if im not wrong) mr usman just release cyberpanel more power with alma
but actually i want to start public hosting using cyberpanel…

im so confused about the distro…

and the better config
of course i understand. more client. need more resources

actually i already test alma and ubuntu some past week…
i find out that a little difference between them but with stress test, alma more better …
that;s why i need 3rd 4th opinion…
i was ubuntu user since first ubuntu comming with free cd and stickers shipment…
but i cant believe with my result with 2.3.1++ version of cyberpanel.

so… @S4_Hosting : if you are in my places…
A/B/C and with swapines <30 or 60 ?

Ubuntu 20.04 most stable for me

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noted…I will consider it

btw: which one do you prefer the best option swapiness <30-40 or >50-60

Keep swappiness low as possible if you have extra memory on server. Ram is always faster than disk so try avoid swap if have spare memory.

in this case 2GB ram… what do you think?

Not really expert here but most of servers I manage are 2-4GB. 2GB servers I try keep average ram usage 70-80% just month ago first time adjusted swappiness to 30, honestly I don’t see any difference on performance.
Difference probably can see if server keeps maxing out ram all the time but not in my case.

70-80%… thank you…
i will try with 30 for start