OLS to LSWS Enterprise, and back again

Litespeedtech.com has officially stated in a support ticket response that I would be unable to upgrade from Open LiteSpeed to Litespeed Web Server Enterprise because they use different configuration files and other unrelated architecture.

Cyberpanel allows what appears to be a switch from OLS to LSWS Enterprise by simply adding the serial number / license from litespeedtech.com.

How does Cyberpanel achieve this if LST doesn’t recommend it as one is not a drop in replacement for the other?

If I upgrade, will all of my website still work?

Also, what if I don’t see much of a different and don’t want to keep it. If I remove the license, will it switch back to OLS?


No you can’t go back to openlitespeed, you need to re-install again from scratch.

If you upgrade everything will work fine until the trial ends, then you will need to buy an appropriate license.