OLS Show 404 Error While Browse to IP But Litespeed Ent Show A Webpage


For a Test and Comparison…

I created Two Digital Ocean Droplets.

First One is Centos + Litespeed Ent Free Starter + Cyber Panel

and the second one is Centos + OLS + Cyber Panel

Once the Installation Completed through SSH, I rebooted both servers.

Then, I Logged in on Both Using its IP:8090

Both Dashboard is Same, Here I have a Doubt, What is the difference between Cyber Panel vs Cyber Panel Ent?


I Opened My IP in a Browser without:8090

My IP Alone.

Litespeed Ent Server’s IP Opened a Litespeed Page

and showing something like this
" Congratulations
You have successfully installed the LiteSpeed Web Server! "

Then, I Tried to Visit My Other Server IP in Browser, That is Having Open Litespeed + Cyber Panel

But, I got a 404 error page.

at the bottom of that page, it shows

" Proudly powered by LiteSpeed Web Server "

I was trying to find both servers Performance and Operational Differences…

Kindly give me a reply with your explanations…

Why, OLS Shows, 404 error page & Litespeed ent shows a Webpage?

What if I Purchase Litespeed Ent 10$ Package - Site Owner Package - Bot Verification

Which Dashboard I am getting Along with Litespeed Ent Site Owner ( Cyber Panel Ent or Just Cyber Panel )

and Check Here - CyberPanel Enterprise - CyberPanel

Cyber Panel Website Provides Site Owner Package for 11$, Which Includes Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel Ent.

So, if I Buy Site Owner from Litespeed Store for 10$, I could not get Cyber Panel Ent?

I need some more explanations on this.

Kindly consider me as a Genuine Buyer…

and Address All those queries… as soon as possible…

NB: Read my Post top to bottom, and reply for all enquiries in One-shot :slight_smile:

Then, I Tried to Visit My Other Server IP in Browser, That is Having Open Litespeed + Cyber Panel  But, I got a 404 error page.

Do not bother, you should create a website and it should give you a default CyberPanel welcome page. Both servers deal listeners differently which is why you get 404 as there is no domain configured by default.

So, if I Buy Site Owner from Litespeed Store for 10$, I could not get Cyber Panel Ent?

You will not get CyberPanel, for CyberPanel you will have to get from Bot Verification

Difference between CyberPanel and CyberPanel Ent

Explained here in details → Installing CyberPanel - CyberPanel

I can Install Litespeed Ent ( for 10$ ) then, Install Cyber Panel for FREE Correct?

Also, I can Install Cyber Panel Ent + Litespeed Ent from this URL - Bot Verification


Can I Install, OLS + Cyber Panel Ent?

The Answer is Mostly “NO”


But My Question is different.

Can I Install Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel ( NOT Cyber Panel ENT )

Litespeed Ent Having Quic + ESI

Then, What Things I can get in Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel Ent ?

What is Extra I’m Going to Get in Cyber Panel Ent.

That’s My Question.

I’m Confused with This Packaging.

I checked All those Links in Litespeed site and Cyber Panel Site.

What I came to Understand finally is…

Litespeed Ent is Special Software, Which having Solid difference from OLS…

But, Cyber Panel ( The Dashboard ) is Same in OLS and Litespeed ent.

Litespeed and Litespeed ent is Same Software, There are small limitations to Use The RAM.

When We Use Litespeed ent and Install Cyber Panel

that installation is Having Cyber Panel Ent + Litespeed Ent

when we install OLS + Cyber Panel

That is Open Litespeed with Cyber Panel.

When Install Litespeed + Cyber Panel without Pay extra 1$, we get support from Litespeed…

When Install Litespeed + Cyber Panel extra 1$ pay, total 11$

Then, we get Litespeed Support + Cyber Panel Support.

That is Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel Ent.

This is what a Common Man Can Understand when go through these sites and docs…

if My Explanation is Wrong.

Then You should change your sites and their information.

I’m a Confuced User.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


I checked this URL ( using from long time )

Here States…

to install Cyber panel or Cyber Panel Ent

The Command is Same.

the Command in SSH Have Two option.

1 - Install with Open litespeed

2 - Install with Litespeed

from the above Link, I can understand…

Option 1 installs Cyber Panel + Openlitespeed

Option 2 Install Cyber Panel + Litespeed.

Then, How to Install Cyber Panel Ent + Litespeed?

if You are Saying, Option 2 Installs, Cyber Panel Ent + Litespeed.


My question is,

What if, I took 10$ License from Litespeed, and use the key to Install with Option 2

I can Install…

Then, What the Cyber Panel Ent Asks 11$

Can You Please Explain this irony?

As I said,

I’m totally confused with your Plan and packages.

Meanwhile, I know very well… 11$ Package Gives me Cyber Panel Ent + Litespeed Ent.


Just Want to Know, What the 10$ Package Gives?

if you are coming to say,

for 10$ You are getting Litespeed Ent with support + Cyber Panel Ent without Support

and for the 11$

you are getting Litespeed ent with support + Cyber Panel ent with support…

Then, Something is Right.

But, Still, You have to Make it Very Clear in those sites,

the current situation is too much confusing.

read all those above, and provide me with accurate info.