[OLD Topic] Increase the size limit of sql files in phpmyadmin

How do I increase the size limit of sql files in phpmyadmin,
(Max: 2,048KB)
I want to increase it but changing the php.ini did not work for me

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+1… still confused about this one lol

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Open cyberpanel, go to php option mentioned in left menu panel. Under this, click on edit php config
Select php 7.3 (because phpmyadmin and cyberpanel uses 7.3.

There you can change max filesize and max upload limits.

After changing, just restart server.

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how do i restart the server, i use this code in ssh systemctl restart lscpd and have to enter root password but i don’t know what password it is

if you dont know the password
then that is out of topic. and you can create new thread and mention what your problem