Object cache "Connection Test: Failed"

GCP, Ubuntu, CyberPanel Oficial deployment package.

At begin, I’m kind of slightly confused that in case of website WP installation without LE SSL, CyberPanel will not install LiteSpeed Cache plugin (potentially, that could be reason of topic issue).

So, on LiteSpeed Cache install, [6] Object tab will show in Status that all works fine. However, after setting plugin, status is changed to “Connection Test: Failed”.

To be honest, I have no idea what to do, as all CLI commands show that REDIS is running well. I imagine that problem arise in some firewall rule, but …

Point is that I expect that if I will choose marketplace deployment package, package should to work correctly “out of box” (or with easy and clearly explained fixes).

Any idea what to do to solve it?

P.S. - it is irrelevant did I choose redis or memcached extension in WP plugin settings.