Not receiving emails on my server mailboxes but can send emails

Hi everybody,

my postfix email didnt send the email out, but can receive email sent from somewhere else. Until the ISP allowed SMTP port 25. Now I can send emails - great ! But suddenly I cant receive any email lol… how is this possible ?

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Where ? on snappymail or through your email client ?

Both. The client and Snappy mail are sending emails, but I cant receive any. My domain is, my MX looks like this, which is I guess correct (based on some tutorials for cyberpanel mail setup)

You have not setup a rDNS ptr record. You need to set this up where you are renting your server

I do…

It should be

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Ah, okay, but then comes the second problem… what about the other domains, what I am hosting on my VPS ?

You are setting that record for your mailserver not domain so all the domains that are served by same mailserver will not need any tweaking or changes

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okay, thanks for explanation, but if I create new mail, which have different domain, lets say (which is hosted on the server too), I also need to create as mailserver, so how to set it up then ?..I mean, maybe I am doing it wrong, but in the tutorials is everytime said, that you should create new website, which is in format mail.domain.tld. Then I create mailbox for that new domain, so i automatically got smtp and imap server as mail.domain.tld. Am I doing something wrong ?

CyberPanel creates this automatically.

but if i get this then, how should I use it only with 1 mailserver (, which is the rDNSed one ?

You can use these too for all domains you choose to create a mail domain. Delivery is handled by postfix. Either domain works and but all emails from your server will read that they came from with is tied to ipv4/ipv6 of your vm aka host domain


Okay Ill test it

Can you clarify what exactly would be the correct steps to get a emails with correct rDNS server with mutlitple domains working?


  1. Create with SSL, Mail Domain and DKIM (this would automatically give me mail.serverdomain(dot)com)
  2. Do I set the rDNS next do oder mail.serverdomain(dot)com ?
  3. Create clientdomain(dot)com with SSL, Mail Domain and DKIM - no rDNS changes are needed
  4. Configure mail clientdomain(dot)com mail client (Thunderbird) with serverdomain(dot)com IMAP and SMTP settings

Can you spot any issues?

Thanks in advance

rDNS should be

Before this step issue mailserver ssl from the cyberpanel admin dahsboard

Yes correct after issuing mailserver domain ssl i.e

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rDNS should be

Would that lead to any problems for the serverdomain if the rDNS points to a subdomain?

No this will help you Achieve 10/10 Email score with CyberPanel!

I just checked the post you linked above but there he set up serverdomain(dot)com for the rDNS and not mail(dot)serverdomain(dot)com. See Step 3
However the guide how to setup same domain as a hostname on the mailserver is broken. Is there a way to have the rDNS set to the serverdomain and still having mail(dot)serverdomain working?

No you can only have one record i recommend

@josephgodwinke its working as charm, thanks a lot !!