Not able to generate DKIM Keys

I’ve installed Cyber Panel in Rocky Linux 8.5 (Green Obsidian) with out any error. But when I tried to generate DKIM “Keys not available for this domain” it shows “Substring not found”.
Need help to fix it.
Thanks in advance.

Are you trying for main website domain or subdomain/child domain?

Update your cyberpanel once and then let me know again

I’ve tried for main domain and sub domain both. The result is same. “Substring not found”.

I’ve tried to update CyberPanel but it shown error message “Unable to detect your system…”.

If you are in Centos 8 or Almalinux just install this
yum install opendkim-tools

if you are in debian or ubuntu …

sudo install opendkim-tools

Tested and wordked 100%

Seems working now.
thanks a lot @bashir .

Is this something we should be still installing or has it already been patched?