Not able to access my Cyber Panel after installation CSF failed

After customizing the port of the cyber panel, when I try to install CSF on my panel, it says " This site can’t be reached" Even though after occurring such a problem I’m getting the same issue " This site can’t be reached". How to fix such a problem, pls do let me know if anyone has a solution.

Hello @sanju Happy you are here

  1. Have you installed CSF successfully? or did it fail?
  2. Have you tried disabling the CSF firewall?

Note: if you disable the firewall this cannot cause website to be no longer accessible. From what I see this seems to be a dns cache issue on your client device. Kindly post the url here so that we can better help you.

During CSF installation, it failed automatically, and after that, it throws " This site can’t be reached "
because of this, I’m not able to access my cyber panel login dashboard. It only display This site can’t be reached " .