Node JS application (Foundry VTT) with Cyberpanel and OLS on Ubuntu 22.04 and reverse proxy HELP!

Hi all, I’m trying to set up Foundry Virtual Table Top (NODEJS) on my existing Cyberpanel/OLS set up on Ubuntu 22.04.

I’ve seen tutorials for setting up Ghost CLI, and Express applications – I’m not sure if these tutorials will be accurate to my situation.

Foundry operates on port 30000 and is started by pm2 by the user “foundry”

The .js app is located in sudoers user foundry:foundry at /home/foundry/foundry/resources/main.js

I’d like this to map to foundry.domain.tld

I’ve tried setting up a vhost config as in the Setting up Ghost on OpenLiteSpeed – OpenLiteSpeed tutorial, but replacing for the foundry path and main.js file. That didn’t work.

Please help!

Using the following tutorial: How to install Ghost alongside CyberPanel on Ubuntu 20.04 without Docker

I was able to get into foundry.domain.tld/license page and entered my license key. However, it does not navigate away from this page afterwards.