No Important, But Needed


i wist you put the
like 2.1.2-32456
then if you do some fix you can put 2.1.2-32457

no need everytime update
at least once per 2 week minimal…

so we know if there is any bug that make us to update
if that fix are “secret”
you can just put info

new update
no need explaination

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And make update possible just clicking button on version management area. Why have to use cloud for update panel or google right command to do it if same function can do just simple button on panel like every other webhosting panel.

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I hope Developer can issue this ASAP
we need this to know changelog
and to confirm what build we use, when we meet the problem.

@usmannasir @die2mrw007

Actually the thing is that, the changes happen too fast and in regular intervals. Listing out changelog and keep pushing updates with version numbering will be a lot for the end user too. People in hosting industry will not wish to update things too frequently as sometimes something breaks.

There are many negative sides too for frequent updates. But if any user wish to update it manually can do it any point of time.

This is where the cyberpanel developments happen and you can see all the changes live with its description too. GitHub - usmannasir/cyberpanel: Cyber Panel - The hosting control panel for OpenLiteSpeed

At least… notification to Admin account.
how we know that we need to upgrade or not

i little lazy to enter upgrade command every day from cli


See this link bro.

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Thankyou … :slight_smile:

but if i can ask…
to put some notification floating box about new update lol

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Can be considered and you can post a new topic explaining this in detail here with tagline as [Feature Request] - Adding notification for new minor updates made in github branch.