No external mail clients work with Cyberpanel

I’ve spent the last 10 days trying to get any external mail client to work with a default install of Cyberpanel. There are so many issues and the support is terrible, they seem to not even understand what the actual issues are. I’ve come from cPanel and like the concept of Cyberpanel, I like the dashboard and was excited to move everything over.

After having moved a few of my sites over the issues began. No one could access email other than using snappy webmail which I was told by support is all they expect to be working!

At best all we could get was IMAP to read mail it would never send (Just sat in drafts folder saying trying to send mail).

POP3 didn’t work either.

Checking the logs there were multiple lines of: dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected: Connection closed: SSL_accept() failed: error:0A00010B:SSL routines::wrong version number (no auth attempts in 0 secs):

Tested using default windows mail client, Outlook, mac mail and online email testers wormly and dns checker none of which worked.

Now I know why people stay with cPanel despite them increasing their prices all the time, it’s still worth not having this hassle and all the problems with zero lack of support to resolve fundamental product issues.

Then they have the cheek to ask me to buy further support for an issue they clearly cannot resolve in the first place which is a fundamental issue with the product!

I’ve had enough now! I’ll be moving everything back to my cPanel server, wiping the new server and doing a youtube video to warn people about this absolute mess of a product.

What an absolute shambles!