No backup to restore after success completion of backups job / backup schedule


  • When I go to Backup > Restore backup, I can’t see any or select any backup. This is a problem, because I need to restore a backup.

  • I try to go to Backup > Schedule backup > Manage Existing Backup Schedules, to check if my backup are still running, so here I can select the actual backup destination who I previously set and the job associated to it, then I can show the backup logs of this backup job, by clicking on the “view logs” button. This log show : Backup completed for the 31 january for all site.

So why I can’t restore the backup ? The system say that backup are completed every day , so normally I have to be able to select and restore any backup made in the past days.

How to fix that ?

PS I need your attention to this post, I am still waiting for any help about a staging problem,

I wait now more than 20 days i don’t know if it is a punishment from cyberpanel or why staff doesn’t want to help i can see them online every day but nothing for help about this problem who seems critical.


I need help about backup please anyone have an idea how to fix this ?

did you move in the /home/backup?

I have same issue and not reply or help have provided