No Access to WordPress Website After Migrating from CyberPanel

I have migrated my WordPress website to a local testing environment from WordPress hosted by Cyberpanel.

After migrating to the testing environment, when I open the homepage, it displays the following message:

CyberPanel Installed
You have successfully installed CyberPanel, please remove this page and upload your website. :slight_smile:
CyberPanel Forums Documentation

I cannot get my WordPress to work correctly. Please help!

When you talk local, I understand as localhost in your development environment, is that right?

If so, I’ve had problems like that and this is because of SSL, the configuration you picked up online is with directions and https settings, in the local environment does not work unless you install and configure openssl. :slight_smile:

I’m making a comparison here with a similar problem I’ve faced, if this is your case, this is the solution:

Install SSL on-premises
Or remove the settings and force the use of non-SSL