No access to webmail and dovecot fatal error

I am having trouble getting my emails to work. I was able to create a few accounts on 2 domains and access them via webmail. But, when I added them to an external client, even though it worked, it kept saying it didn’t trust the certificate and I would have to click yes a few times to get the client to open.

In trying to resolve that, I managed to break it completely and now I can’t get even the webmail access to work. I can see the email accounts in Cyberpanel, and when I list them by domain, they successfully retrieve, but if I try to access them in webmail via Cyberpanel, it throws out this error:

Can’t connect to server
Server message: Can’t connect to host “tcp://localhost:143”

I think the problem is: I ssh’d into my server and deleted the let’s encrypt folder for the ‘’ thinking I could just issue a new SSL from Cyberpanel. However, when I try to re-issue, it just sits there for awhile and then times out. Also, when I look at the status of dovecot.conf, it is not active and has a fatal error. I have restarted the server but it doesn’t fix it.

Finally, I connected to cyberpanel cloud to use Email Debug, but when I try to access it, I do not see the run server level checks button, instead it just blanks back to the Cyberpanel.

I know I broke it, but I don’t know how to fix it, thanks for any help

update: The fix I needed was to edit the dovecot.conf file and to remove the references to the ssl certs.