Newbie question - what happens if I install Cyberpanel to a VPS that already has files and software?


Just discovered cyberpanel and have a few basic questions. The tutorials I have seen show loading Cyberpnale to to a a clean VPS and then using Cyberpanel to install service’s like mautic.

I already have a VPS set up and running mautic. I am not fluent using CLI to navigate the VPS so every task takes ages as I have to google how to do things.

I am looking for a c panel equivalent to allow me to easily navigate and manage my VPS. Cyberpanel seems like it will do the job.

What happens if I install Cyberpanel to my VPS that already has files and software (mautic in this case) loaded? Will it allow me to browse and manage my pre existing files etc, or do I need to start with a clean VPS?

Welcome @RobM Happy you are here

We recommend you install cyberpanel on a clean os only. You will have to backup your mautic installation and import it to a freshly installed cyberpanel server.

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