New install on CentOS7 on Google Cloud gives error 404

I’ve installed Cyber Panel on CentOS7 on a Google Compute micro instance and both the IP and domain give a 404 error. I’ve opened port 8090 in the firewall. Any ideas please? I’m new to Cyber Panel.

The footer appears to be from Litespeed. If I append :8090 to the IP then the browser timesout. The Litespeed error log didn’t give me any clues. I’ve now opened up port 7080 and was then able to access the OpenLiteSpeed login page.

Ah … I see the web server can be managed from the Litespeed CP, is Cyber Panel only for a domain account. I’ve not setup any domain accounts yet!

SOLVED! Some additional ports needed opening: UDP: 443 for webserver and TCP: 53 and UDP: 53 for DNS service.